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Stretch Marks Serum

Exfoliating and Smoothing

COD. PARAF 987656358 | PRICE € 32.50 | FORMAT 100 ml

Body serum with exfoliating action, thanks to a mix of acids that perform a smoothing action, helping to remove dead cells and promoting cell renewal. Ideal for combating the signs caused by the yo-yo effect and stretch marks. The light texture allows easy absorption, thus enabling rapid and effective action on the specific areas to be treated.



MANDELIC and Lactobionic acid: belonging to the category of alpha-hydroxy acids, these are natural substances that have a strong antioxidant action and considerable healing and reparative capacity. The latter are closely related to their exfoliating action, i.e. they promote cell renewal by accelerating cell turnover.

HIBISCUS extract: also known as Karkadé, hibiscus has soothing properties, ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness. Its extract contains mainly organic acids, mucilage and polyphenols, which promote cell renewal and improve skin hydration. It also promotes the synthesis of new collagen and helps correct imperfections.

ANANAS extract: obtained from the stalk, it mainly consists of bromelain, an enzyme with proteolytic and anti-oedema action, which therefore helps to improve circulation in general and precisely prevents the formation of oedemas, as well as helping to combat cellulite blemishes.

ORGANIC GINGER extract: mainly used as food, ginger extract is also increasingly being used in cosmetics. It mainly helps to reduce blemishes, scars and skin imperfections. Ginger has a warming power, so a slight redness and warm effect may appear in the treated areas.

How to use

Apply to the desired area of the body and massage in circular movements until completely absorbed.

Indications for use


Functional active ingredients


Mandelic and Lactobionic acid

Natural organic acids with a well-known exfoliating action that help promote cell turnover.

Hibiscus, Pineapple and Ginger BIO

Extracts with antioxidant, skin microcirculation-stimulating and elasticising properties.

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