Solid detergents

Solid Shampoo With ALOE VERA extract

Moisturising, for normal skin and hair

Solid shampoo with ALOE VERA extract, with moisturising and soothing properties

COD. PARAF 950000125 | PRICE € 11.80 | FORMAT 80 g

It is suitable for normal skin and hair and, thanks to its non-aggressive cleansing action, can also be used for frequent washing.


In solid form, Colours of Life® detergents save water in both the production and use phases. Each solid detergent is equivalent to 2 plastic bottles of conventional products: they last a long time and are environmentally friendly.


They are not soaps: they respect the pH of the skin and allow effective, non-aggressive cleansing.


Each cleanser comes with a cotton ribbon for easy use and storage:

- the customised inscription allows the detergent to be identified;

- facilitates its grip and thus its use;

- enables it to be hung up in the shower, allowing it to dry quickly and evenly.

How to use

Wet the hair, rub the shampoo into the scalp and lengths, massage and rinse. After use, leave the shampoo to dry.

Indications for use


Functional active ingredients


Aloe Vera

Moisturising and soothing

Castor oil


Shea Butter



Moisturising, antistatic

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